Women’s Practical Hats

Usually, when we think of accessories, we immediately think of three things: handbags, shoes and jewelry. After you’re getting dressed in the morning, you might wear some jewelry, choose a pair of shoes, and stuff all your daily necessities into a proper handbag. If it’s winter, you might wear a scarf and a pair of gloves for extra protection against the wind shield and cold weather. If it’s summer, maybe you’ll put on another pair of sunglasses. But for one reason or another, there’s one accessory you may always neglect: hats. It’s easy to forget hats over shoes and handbags. Everyone needs footwear to walk, and bags are used to store everything you need to carry individually. That being said, hats are very useful for protecting your head from heat, cold or rain. In addition, they are the main styling pieces. Although different types of hats have different types of personalities, this is the same as different people wearing hats will show their different personalities. 

There are many different types of hats. They can be practical, part of a uniform, frivolous, pretty, delicate, exaggerated, and often some of these functions are combined to form one hat. People wear different styles of hats for a variety of reasons. Some are just for fun, some want to be protected from the sun, some want to keep warm by wearing a hat, and some think hats as an essential accessory to their outfits, but modern haute couture millinery is mainly used as a complement to an outfit, and hats are usually worn for special occasions, such as weddings, ladies’ lunches or tea parties.  

Practical hats are those that have a purpose. It’s not that all the other hats aren’t useful, but these practical hats are worn for a useful reason, and not just to look good. Some practical hats include those that are part of a uniform, which can be work uniforms, marching band or sporting club uniforms, etc.

Soldiers, police, naval and air force are issued with a uniform hat. School hats are usually brimmed for summer, and school students will wear a type of beret in winter. Cricketers wear a helmet while batting, a peaked cap or a womens bucket hat during fielding. The food preparation industry use hats as a part of their uniform for occupational, health and safety issues, mainly to cover hair so it won’t drop into anything they are preparing. Industrial factories workers and construction workers wear hard hats to eliminate injury from the workforce. Outdoor workers also often wear hats to protect themselves from the weather.   

Other practical hats are designed to protect people from the weather, range from knitted beanie hats to elegant felt cloches, and while they are in the fashionable hats category, they still serve their purpose. Each hat has a certain practicality. Most of women’s hats may be less practical hat types, include those that are worn as a compliment to an outfit. It may be a small headdress, paired with sexy evening gowns, a delicate formal dress, or bridal fashion. There are many different types of hats, they can be any shape or size, and their practicality depends on the occasion they are worn.