How to Tidy Your Hats?

People usually make their clothes look tidy and neat, while they often leave their hats all over the place. In fact, hats are easy to be deformed when they are folded for a long time. So you may need a hat rack for tidying your hats like your clothing. In the summer, we often choose packable boonie hats for protecting us from the sun and its harmful UV rays, because they can be folded and put into our baggage or even pocket. After taking it off, we should make it tidy and neat in case the hat gets indentation.

A hat rack is the best way to make hats neat without deformation. If you have many different kinds of hats and you want them to be the original appearance, you can buy a hat rack. While buying a hat rack may not satisfy your needs or it has not enough space for your hats. Here I would like to suggest you to make a hat rack, as you can do it according to your own needs and styles of your room. Here are some good examples for you to make a hat rack.

  • Wooden Pallet Hat Rack

A wooden pallet hat rack can not only hang the hats but also for your coat, bag and scarf. It is strong enough to hold your winter coat, scarf and hats.

All you need to do is to install wooden pallets on the wall and fix some hooks on the surface of the wooden pallets. You can also paint each pallet in different colors to increase the attractiveness. You can place this wooden pallets hat rack at anywhere.

  • Wall Mount Hat Rack

The design of this hat rack is not complicated as you can see. All you need to do is to find a board in moderate thickness or your needed thickness. Then, install some hooks or hangers on the front part of the board.

Last, fix the board on to the wall and then put your hats on it. If you are afraid of forgetting to wear the hat, you can install it above the doorway.

  • Letters Pattern Hat Rack

As you can see, this hat rack is made of letters of H-O-M-E. It gives you comforts of home. If you want other symbolic letters, you can change it into your loved one.  

The materials you need are cable cutters, cord pliers and heavy metal cable.

First of all, choose the letters you want to use. Secondly, use tinted cord to cover these letters. Thirdly, find some hooks that you need. Then, cover the cable to the cord. Lastly, use an angling cord to make an extra decoration for your room.

  • Leaves Hat Rack

To make this hat rack, you need to prepare a timber, handlers, screws, paints and screwdrivers.

First thing is to repaint the timber with your favorite color and then leave it to dry. Secondly, drill a hole on the timber, and to place it on the handles. Additionally, fix it with the screws and bent the handles towards the screws.