How to Pack a Hat Correctly?

After a week of work, we want to relax on weekend. We want to go camping, soaking up on the beach or just going outside to have a breath of fresh air. Nothing is better than go on a trip for most of people. Whether you are going for a trip to a new city or just going for a camping, you may want to finish off your outfit or block the sun during your trip, sometimes bringing a structured hat on vacation is necessary. While the preparation is not easy for most people, it can be also seriously problematic, like when it comes to packing hats without damaging their shape. Packing compatibility depends mainly on the material of the hat in question, but the form of the style, stiffeners, and embellishments also play a role in the matter as well.

There is one thing you should keep in mind is that because a hat has a tag, in other words, it is “crushable and packable”, it does not mean that the hat will come out of your suitcase without being ruined or in original shape. What we do to pack a hat is to make the hat will not be permanently damaged when it is stuffed into your luggage. Many hats need to be steamed from a tea kettle or iron, or even better an industrial steamer to get it back to its original shape.

There are many different types of hats which come in a variety of materials, such as straw, raffia, nylon, cotton, polyester and more. One of the best materials that pack well is raffia. Sun hats are often made of raffia to provide good sun protection and keep your cool as well. For example, the bucket-hat is made of raffia that is durable and packable. It can be packed well because the fibers have very good memory once they’ve formed into the hat style. If the hat has been crushed and pressed in a suitcase for a long trip, work around the edges with your fingers or applying a little steam with this process will make the hat look brand new.

Many other hats also can be packed well, while this does not mean they will keep in their shape forever, so it is important to pack it correctly. Usually the softer the hat, the easier it is to pack and ensure you will not damage it. Cotton hats like bucket hats, boney hats are typically styles you can pack and not have to worry about it will be damaged. If you pack it correctly, you should have very few wrinkles in your hat, but you can always steam these out as well.

In generally, straw hats are prone to be difficult to pack, because they will crack if not protected correctly and no amount of steaming or shaping will help them. Therefore, you should place some clothing items on the bottom of the suitcase to add padding. This will protect the top of the hat when you put it in the suitcase. Place hat face down on the padded area. You can also fill the inside of the hat by stuffing underwear, socks, and other little piece of items, this helps the hat keep the shape of crown.

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