Sun Shade for Kids

Sunlight is our number one source of vitamin D, which is essential for bones health. In addition to helping us produce vitamin D, the sun gives off three types of ultraviolet rays. They are UVA, UVB and UVC. These three kinds of UV rays can cause different harm to us. When we are exposed to ultraviolet rays, a chemical in our skin called melanin tries to absorb the UV rays before it causes damage to our skin. But not everyone has the same level of melanin. People with lighter hair, fair skin and have less melanin and a great risk of skin cancer. UV rays are strongest in summer. The later you expose your children to a lot of sun’s rays, the better off they will be.

Unless we’re in the shade, our skin never out of direct sunlight when we’re outside. But many of us don’t like to apply sunscreen on the face and neck because it makes us look and feel greasy. So the best protection is to wear a sun hat. The problem is that most babies don’t like to wear hats. They didn’t want to put anything on their heads, so they keep trying to rip it off. When they focus all their attention on it, they try to remove the hat from their head.

To get them to wear a hat, you can choose a hat with chin straps that can be fastened or snapped into place. This will also help them keep hats stay put on their heads if they are in a windy place such as the beach. Hats like legionnaire type of hats that can cover the neck, sides of the face and ears, so they are good for protecting children. You can also find hats with wide brims to offer shade to the rest of the face and neck, such as a bucket hat with neck flap.

Baseball caps are better for kids than nothing, but they don’t provide kids with enough protection. Also, baseball caps have stiff brims that can make your child uncomfortable after wearing for a long time. So choose a practical hat that is comfortable and durable in case your child rips it off. Sometimes the sun is too harsh, and you’d better to find some shade outside. If you and your family are out in the hot sun all day, find a cool place to protect the skin of you and your families. The best way to minimize sun damage to your skin is to stay in the shade from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. when the sun’s rays are strongest.

As the sun moves, so does the shadow, so you may need to adjust your position from time to time throughout the day. Trees with lots of leaves give you the best shade when you sit under them. Try to keep your child in a cool place and keep them away from the sun. And the sun hat is the best and easiest way to protect you from the sun and the rain.

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