Equipment for Rafting

You may like to go for a trip on the river, like boating, fishing or rafting. Before that, you need to prepare a lot of essential gears, for example, shoes, underwear, hats and body wipes and so on. Following let’s take a look at what we should bring when preparing for a rafting trip.

  • The Lotion

The sand by the river, and when you switch between wet and dry, the sun’s rays reflect off your skin, causing damage to your skin. You need to protect your skin. Add some good lotion to your overnight bag to deal with dryness and to soothe sunburned skin.

  • Non-Slip Shoes

There is little support or protection when walking on slippery river stones or standing on rafts. It is suggested to buy a pair of sturdy sandals or shoes with non-slip patterns or choose a pair of light and non-slip tennis shoes.

  • Extra Plastic Bags for Wet Clothes

Usually we will get wet when boating or rafting on the water. Thus, we need to collect these wet clothes together. A standard trash bag is much more convenient than to put them in our backpack. Because if you put wet clothes and dry clothes together, they will all become moist clothes by the end of the day. Therefore, you can use a plastic bag or a large zippered bag which may be better. If you put all your wet clothes in a plastic bag and seal it, it will prevent your bag from being “less dry” the next night. Don’t forget to take the wet clothes out to dry when you are camping next night.

  • The Blanket

You can bring a yoga mat, small old blanket or tarp. Be careful not to be too bulky. It has many uses for putting it on the ground. You can put it in front of the tent for a barrier between sandy shoes and the inside. When you take off your wet clothes and don’t want to put them in the dirt, you can throw them on the blanket. If you want to have the space of your own, this blanket is necessary.

  • Headgear

Portable shade is very important when you are in outdoors activities. A good sun hat is easy to carry and it is packable. It protects you from the sun and its harmful UV rays, plus adding some different style to your outfit. Hats with chin strap or string will be perfect for your rafting on the river.

Your hat is likely to fall into the water when your kayak is moving fast or when the wind is blowing, so that the chin rope is indispensable. You can choose a summer bucket hat with string to protect your face, head and neck. It’s best to choose a wide-brimmed bucket hat that covers a wider area and helps protect you from the glare of the sun. In addition, since you are on the water, it couldn’t be better to wear a waterproof hat. Bucket hats made of nylon is water-repellent. They can protect you from the water and the rain.

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