Velvet Temptation

For the velvet fabric, I think everyone must be familiar. From the 16th century, velvet fabric has become a symbol of nobility, exalting the noble elegance of luxury and elegance. The aristocratic ladies in the classic film always wear a velvet cloth to symbolize their eminent status. With its silky texture and its unique luster, velvet fabrics are appreciated by all since the Victorian era. With the popularity of the retro trend in recent years, velvet fabric has become a popular element again.

Fashion is a circle and the velvet cloth that people liked it centuries ago has become a symbol of fashion. Velvet clothes can be seen in all major fashion shows. The velvet cloak is a good deal for your clothes, so you can have the beauty and warmth in winter. There are many colors of velvet clothes. For winter, velvet clothes are very practical. And velvet is a popular element of the year. If you wear a velvet dress, then you are a fashion person.

velvet beret

For color, wearing velvet clothes of different colors often shows a different temperament. Dark velvet items are more elegant whether they are worn every day or at work. Light-colored velvet clothes have a retro feel, especially for young girls. I think the velvet turtleneck is one of the most interesting clothes to buy this year. The matching coat with the same color is very nice, so the overall look is more elegant and the different materials make the shape superimposed. Many people choose this year’s velvet sweaters, which gives them a unique and comfortable outfit. In addition to the matching pants, the skirt is cool and gorgeous. After the weather warms up, the velvet shirt will certainly be one of the clothes that fashionistas love.

The velvet coat best shows your temperament, bringing you a vintage and elegant femininity. Put it on the street and you will certainly be the most dazzling and fascinating presence.

So if you are thinking of buying clothes or offering gifts to your friends, I suggest you choose something velvet. If you do not want to buy clothes, you can consider velvet accessories. Such as velvet bags, velvet berets and other items. These are all very popular things this year. And particularly suitable for the winter. So do not miss it. If you have better suggestions, please leave a message.

Metallic world

In today’s society, people are paying more and more attention to themselves and everyone wants to show their individuality. In my opinion, the most individual color or element is the very popular metallic color. The metallic color always gives a feeling of retro style. Fashion people love this color a lot, especially at the end of the year, the appearance of metallic colors is very high.

In fact, the metallic color has been loved by people since the 1980s. In the last two years, the retro style has become popular and the metallic color has once again become a part of fashion. The metallic color has been favored by the masses. Some people choose metal-colored accessories as accessories, while others opt for large-scale use of metallic colors. Everyone can find something that suits their metallic color. The metallic color is not only cool but also reflects the softness of women.

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