Leopard Pattern

A leopard is a fierce animal. Leopards, tigers and lions, the kings of these animal kingdoms, have always been symbols of power and status. Every time I talk about leopards, I always remind him of Hemingway’s novel, The Snows Of Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro is a mountain with a long history of snow and an altitude of 19,710 feet, considered the highest mountain in Africa. Near West Peak, there is a dead leopard corpse that has been dried. No one has explained what the leopard is looking for in such a high place.

I think the reason why this item is appreciated by people is probably due to the leopard’s mind. The leopard is considered to be the totem of every independent woman, symbolizing a strong mother, an independent professional woman and a free girl.

leopard beret

In 2002, Teresa May, a member of the Conservative Party, wore a pair of leopard-print low-heeled shoes at the congressional meeting, causing an uproar in the country. The leopard item became popular again in 2018. The designers have applied it to all aspects and the style has more new ideas, which makes it more in line with modern aesthetics.

At the Paris Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2018, Giorgio Armani Prive combines black velvet with metallic elements. The metallic color on the chest shows that the skin of the model is very smooth and white, while the black velvet shows the female curve. Now, the metallic color is no longer peculiar to the world of fashion and many people are slowly accepting and enjoying the metallic color. On a daily basis, you can bring unexpected effects with a little metallic color. If you’re starting out with metallic colors, you can start with simple accessories or objects.

Silver is relatively calmer, gold is brighter and metallic colored colors are more characteristic and individual. The metallic color is particularly flattering whether on the party or in the usual time. Because it can not only be matched with clothes of different colors and styles, but also for sports shoes or high heels.

Metal elements are widely used in summer and winter. Whether it’s a metallic skirt or a down jacket, it’s beautiful. So as long as you want, this item can be used all year long. If you want to be a fashionista, choosing metallic clothes is the best decision. You do not even need to have too many metallic colors. Even a pair of shoes or metal bags can be very fashionable.

As long as you are daring enough, you are the most attractive person on the street. But you have to pay attention to the color of the clothes and the choice of accessories. You must choose a style accessory similar to your clothes. If you’re wearing punk-style clothing, you can choose a leather beret and, if you’re stylish, pair it with a pair of classic high heels.

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