How to Pack a Hat Correctly?

After a week of work, we want to relax on weekend. We want to go camping, soaking up on the beach or just going outside to have a breath of fresh air. Nothing is better than go on a trip for most of people. Whether you are going for a trip to a new city or just going for a camping, you may want to finish off your outfit or block the sun during your trip, sometimes bringing a structured hat on vacation is necessary. While the preparation is not easy for most people, it can be also seriously problematic, like when it comes to packing hats without damaging their shape. Packing compatibility depends mainly on the material of the hat in question, but the form of the style, stiffeners, and embellishments also play a role in the matter as well.

There is one thing you should keep in mind is that because a hat has a tag, in other words, it is “crushable and packable”, it does not mean that the hat will come out of your suitcase without being ruined or in original shape. What we do to pack a hat is to make the hat will not be permanently damaged when it is stuffed into your luggage. Many hats need to be steamed from a tea kettle or iron, or even better an industrial steamer to get it back to its original shape.

There are many different types of hats which come in a variety of materials, such as straw, raffia, nylon, cotton, polyester and more. One of the best materials that pack well is raffia. Sun hats are often made of raffia to provide good sun protection and keep your cool as well. For example, the bucket-hat is made of raffia that is durable and packable. It can be packed well because the fibers have very good memory once they’ve formed into the hat style. If the hat has been crushed and pressed in a suitcase for a long trip, work around the edges with your fingers or applying a little steam with this process will make the hat look brand new.

Many other hats also can be packed well, while this does not mean they will keep in their shape forever, so it is important to pack it correctly. Usually the softer the hat, the easier it is to pack and ensure you will not damage it. Cotton hats like bucket hats, boney hats are typically styles you can pack and not have to worry about it will be damaged. If you pack it correctly, you should have very few wrinkles in your hat, but you can always steam these out as well.

In generally, straw hats are prone to be difficult to pack, because they will crack if not protected correctly and no amount of steaming or shaping will help them. Therefore, you should place some clothing items on the bottom of the suitcase to add padding. This will protect the top of the hat when you put it in the suitcase. Place hat face down on the padded area. You can also fill the inside of the hat by stuffing underwear, socks, and other little piece of items, this helps the hat keep the shape of crown.

Sun Shade for Kids

Sunlight is our number one source of vitamin D, which is essential for bones health. In addition to helping us produce vitamin D, the sun gives off three types of ultraviolet rays. They are UVA, UVB and UVC. These three kinds of UV rays can cause different harm to us. When we are exposed to ultraviolet rays, a chemical in our skin called melanin tries to absorb the UV rays before it causes damage to our skin. But not everyone has the same level of melanin. People with lighter hair, fair skin and have less melanin and a great risk of skin cancer. UV rays are strongest in summer. The later you expose your children to a lot of sun’s rays, the better off they will be.

Unless we’re in the shade, our skin never out of direct sunlight when we’re outside. But many of us don’t like to apply sunscreen on the face and neck because it makes us look and feel greasy. So the best protection is to wear a sun hat. The problem is that most babies don’t like to wear hats. They didn’t want to put anything on their heads, so they keep trying to rip it off. When they focus all their attention on it, they try to remove the hat from their head.

To get them to wear a hat, you can choose a hat with chin straps that can be fastened or snapped into place. This will also help them keep hats stay put on their heads if they are in a windy place such as the beach. Hats like legionnaire type of hats that can cover the neck, sides of the face and ears, so they are good for protecting children. You can also find hats with wide brims to offer shade to the rest of the face and neck, such as a bucket hat with neck flap.

Baseball caps are better for kids than nothing, but they don’t provide kids with enough protection. Also, baseball caps have stiff brims that can make your child uncomfortable after wearing for a long time. So choose a practical hat that is comfortable and durable in case your child rips it off. Sometimes the sun is too harsh, and you’d better to find some shade outside. If you and your family are out in the hot sun all day, find a cool place to protect the skin of you and your families. The best way to minimize sun damage to your skin is to stay in the shade from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. when the sun’s rays are strongest.

As the sun moves, so does the shadow, so you may need to adjust your position from time to time throughout the day. Trees with lots of leaves give you the best shade when you sit under them. Try to keep your child in a cool place and keep them away from the sun. And the sun hat is the best and easiest way to protect you from the sun and the rain.

What Things to Consider When Purchasing a Hiking Hat?

The sun gives people life and warmth. Without the sun, all living things on the earth cannot survive. When the world around you comes to life, you start to sweat and your eyes start sting from the glare. Your mood becomes tetchy and irritable. Sunlight likes a coin with two sides. On the one hand, you’d be dead without it. On the other hand, it can also cause you to get sunstroke, sunburn and even skin cancer. Hikers are one of the groups most at risk. According to the World Health Organization, “at high altitudes, a thin atmosphere filters less ultraviolet radiation. With every 1000 meters increase in altitude, UV levels increase by 10% to 12%. Hikers prefer to climb mountains, so they especially need to protect themselves from the sun.

Hiking hats are versatile and functional. There are some things that you should consider when choosing the best hiking hat.

Width of the Brim

Generally speaking, the width of the brim determines how much protection you can get. The wider the brim, the more protection you get. A wide-brimmed hat with 4 inches brim is widely used for sun protection. However, if you want to go hiking, it’s best not to choose brims that are too wide or floppy that it blocks your field of view. It is recommended that you choose a hat with a brim no less than 2.75 inches wide. It’s even better if the bottom of the brim is dark because it reduces glare from the shiny surfaces.

Shape of the Brim

Ultraviolet rays can be reflected or scattered by various surfaces. For example, snow easily reflects about 80 percent of UV rays, sand on dry beach reflects about 15 percent, and sea-foam reflects about 25 percent. The reflected UV rays may bounce under the brim to the face, chin and nose. The hat’s brim can be curved down that will provide better protection. Bucket hat with a slightly curved brim is very suitable for mountaineering, hiking and other outdoors activities.

Material of the Hat

Another important factor is the material, which is usually lightweight and breathable so that it is suitable for wearing in summer. And the material of the hat also determines comfortableness and machine washable. In addition, some sun hats are made of waterproof material that can float if the hat drops into the water. Hiking hats should be breathable, durable, and water-repellent so you can wear them for days on end.  

Breathability of the Hat

A hat can help you cool off on hot days. Still, if it doesn’t breathe well, the hat may heat up you instead. Ensure that your sun hat is made with breathable fabrics. In addition, hiking hats should have vents or mesh panels to allow air pass through the fabric, keeping your head dry and cool. A hat with a built-in sweatband can also wick moisture away from your head. It is suggested you wearing a sun hat with good ventilation on both sides. 

The above all are essential factors that you should consider when purchasing a hiking hat. You can follow these to choose the best hiking hat.

Women’s Practical Hats

Usually, when we think of accessories, we immediately think of three things: handbags, shoes and jewelry. After you’re getting dressed in the morning, you might wear some jewelry, choose a pair of shoes, and stuff all your daily necessities into a proper handbag. If it’s winter, you might wear a scarf and a pair of gloves for extra protection against the wind shield and cold weather. If it’s summer, maybe you’ll put on another pair of sunglasses. But for one reason or another, there’s one accessory you may always neglect: hats. It’s easy to forget hats over shoes and handbags. Everyone needs footwear to walk, and bags are used to store everything you need to carry individually. That being said, hats are very useful for protecting your head from heat, cold or rain. In addition, they are the main styling pieces. Although different types of hats have different types of personalities, this is the same as different people wearing hats will show their different personalities. 

There are many different types of hats. They can be practical, part of a uniform, frivolous, pretty, delicate, exaggerated, and often some of these functions are combined to form one hat. People wear different styles of hats for a variety of reasons. Some are just for fun, some want to be protected from the sun, some want to keep warm by wearing a hat, and some think hats as an essential accessory to their outfits, but modern haute couture millinery is mainly used as a complement to an outfit, and hats are usually worn for special occasions, such as weddings, ladies’ lunches or tea parties.  

Practical hats are those that have a purpose. It’s not that all the other hats aren’t useful, but these practical hats are worn for a useful reason, and not just to look good. Some practical hats include those that are part of a uniform, which can be work uniforms, marching band or sporting club uniforms, etc.

Soldiers, police, naval and air force are issued with a uniform hat. School hats are usually brimmed for summer, and school students will wear a type of beret in winter. Cricketers wear a helmet while batting, a peaked cap or a womens bucket hat during fielding. The food preparation industry use hats as a part of their uniform for occupational, health and safety issues, mainly to cover hair so it won’t drop into anything they are preparing. Industrial factories workers and construction workers wear hard hats to eliminate injury from the workforce. Outdoor workers also often wear hats to protect themselves from the weather.   

Other practical hats are designed to protect people from the weather, range from knitted beanie hats to elegant felt cloches, and while they are in the fashionable hats category, they still serve their purpose. Each hat has a certain practicality. Most of women’s hats may be less practical hat types, include those that are worn as a compliment to an outfit. It may be a small headdress, paired with sexy evening gowns, a delicate formal dress, or bridal fashion. There are many different types of hats, they can be any shape or size, and their practicality depends on the occasion they are worn. 

How to Choose a Hat that Fits Your Face Shape?

For many people, they would encounter some problems when buying a hat. In most cases, we just see the hat looks very cool and chic on the mannequin, and then we won’t hesitate to buy this hat. But not everyone looks as good as the model when wearing the hat. We may realize that the hat looks unsatisfactory on our head. Then you get trapped in a vicious cycle wherein every hat seems weird and silly on your head. It’s time to change your hat-paranoid and make a new choice. The most important thing is to choose a nice hat based on the shape of your face, which will add sharpness to your appearance and makes you more recognizable.  

If you are not sure about the shape of your face, you can measure your face from forehead to jawline in the first place. Measure your forehead with a tape measure from the peak of one eyebrow arch to the other’s peak. Write down the measurements. Then measure your cheekbones. You can measure the distance across your upper cheeks by starting from the bump below the outside corner of one eye to the other eye.

Next measure your jawline with a tape measure. Measure your jawline from the bottom tip of your chin to the bottom of your ears. Lastly, measure the length of your face. Measure it from the center of your forehead to the bottom tip of your chin, and then write down the measurements.

After measuring your face, the next step is to determine your face shape. Basically, face shape can be divided into oval face, round face, oblong face, heart-shaped face, square face and triangle face. People with oval faces have a slightly larger forehead than their jawline, and the angle of the jaw is a bit more round. The round face has the same width and length with a round chin. The cheeks are full and the hairline is round. An oblong face is longer than its width. People who have oblong face have the similar size in their forehead, cheekbones and jawlines. A heart-shaped face features the narrowest chin, broad forehead, and wide cheekbones. The square face with its length is equal to its width. A triangle face features a large jawline, slightly small cheekbones and forehead.

Lastly, you can choose a hat for your face shape. For people who have an oval face, they can wear all kinds of hats. Such as bucket hats, beret, fedora hats, flat hats and more. You can just pick any of these hats based on your personal preference and style. People with round faces should choose a hat that can add some asymmetry to your appearance. You can perfect handle some hats, such as fedoras and baseball caps. For people with long faces can choose to wear hats with flared brim and low crown, such as a sunhat, wide-brimmed hat or fedora. For heart-shaped faces, they can wear a hat with a medium brim, such as a fedora in medium sized brim, a boater, or a beret. These hats will go well with your face. People with square faces can try circular style hats. Your symmetrical face needs a round cap to soften the edges of the face, such as a sun hat or a cowboy hat. People who have triangle face can try many hats.

How to Choose a Hat as a Gift for Men in Christmas?

When it comes to give men holiday gifts, I think hats are a good option. They are both unique and practical, and hats are more memorable than socks or scarves. You can choose any pair of men’s socks as a gift, but only one hat that may be the best one for the man that you are going to give presents. There are some important factors to consider when to choose a hat as a gift for a man. Choose a hat that fits the person’s style will give him great satisfaction.

The first thing is to consider his occupation and lifestyle. Consider you are going to buy a hat for a business man or a college student? It depends on the occupation of your friends, the loved one or your relatives. You need to choose the hat according to their different occupations. Although hats were once used primarily for protecting people from the sun and keep them warm, their fashion significance is now just as important as the function. Make sure the hat you choose matches well with typical work attire. For example, a bucket hat is mainly worn with casual wear in everyday. It doesn’t suit for a businessman.

Some hat gifts might be specifically designed for the weekend wear. A man’s activities and hobbies often show his style. A man who enjoys appreciating arts, like concerts or dance performance may have a different fashion sense from the one who would like to spend their free time on outdoor leisure activities. The best hat gift is the one that completes both the look and lifestyle.

The second thing is to look at his facial shape. Not everyone who wears a hat that looks as attractive as the model. Thus, people tend to choose a hat style based on the shape of their face. Also, when buying a hat as gift for a man, you need to consider his overall facial shape and features. Does the man have wide cheekbones, a round chin or a prominent jawline?

If this man has a square-shaped face, you should choose a hat style that will help soften his features. Flat hats or other hats that make the face shape look curvier are a great option for Christmas gifts. When buying hats as Christmas gifts for men, the trick is to avoid emphasizing imperfections on the face. Men with long faces look attractive in wide-brimmed hats that can cover their forehead. This helps draw attention away from the length of the face, making features look more symmetrical. Fedoras, homburgs and derbies are great hat gifts for men with a long face.

If the man has a round-shaped face, then you have a lot of options when it comes to men’s hat gifts. Although most of the designs look appealing, styles with a slanted brim or medium crowns are a better choice. For example, the bucket hat has a slanted brim which is perfect for the man with round face.

Purchasing a hat as a gift for men doesn’t have to be difficult. Hats are a nice choice for holiday present for men in all ages.

Equipment for Rafting

You may like to go for a trip on the river, like boating, fishing or rafting. Before that, you need to prepare a lot of essential gears, for example, shoes, underwear, hats and body wipes and so on. Following let’s take a look at what we should bring when preparing for a rafting trip.

  • The Lotion

The sand by the river, and when you switch between wet and dry, the sun’s rays reflect off your skin, causing damage to your skin. You need to protect your skin. Add some good lotion to your overnight bag to deal with dryness and to soothe sunburned skin.

  • Non-Slip Shoes

There is little support or protection when walking on slippery river stones or standing on rafts. It is suggested to buy a pair of sturdy sandals or shoes with non-slip patterns or choose a pair of light and non-slip tennis shoes.

  • Extra Plastic Bags for Wet Clothes

Usually we will get wet when boating or rafting on the water. Thus, we need to collect these wet clothes together. A standard trash bag is much more convenient than to put them in our backpack. Because if you put wet clothes and dry clothes together, they will all become moist clothes by the end of the day. Therefore, you can use a plastic bag or a large zippered bag which may be better. If you put all your wet clothes in a plastic bag and seal it, it will prevent your bag from being “less dry” the next night. Don’t forget to take the wet clothes out to dry when you are camping next night.

  • The Blanket

You can bring a yoga mat, small old blanket or tarp. Be careful not to be too bulky. It has many uses for putting it on the ground. You can put it in front of the tent for a barrier between sandy shoes and the inside. When you take off your wet clothes and don’t want to put them in the dirt, you can throw them on the blanket. If you want to have the space of your own, this blanket is necessary.

  • Headgear

Portable shade is very important when you are in outdoors activities. A good sun hat is easy to carry and it is packable. It protects you from the sun and its harmful UV rays, plus adding some different style to your outfit. Hats with chin strap or string will be perfect for your rafting on the river.

Your hat is likely to fall into the water when your kayak is moving fast or when the wind is blowing, so that the chin rope is indispensable. You can choose a summer bucket hat with string to protect your face, head and neck. It’s best to choose a wide-brimmed bucket hat that covers a wider area and helps protect you from the glare of the sun. In addition, since you are on the water, it couldn’t be better to wear a waterproof hat. Bucket hats made of nylon is water-repellent. They can protect you from the water and the rain.

How to Tidy Your Hats?

People usually make their clothes look tidy and neat, while they often leave their hats all over the place. In fact, hats are easy to be deformed when they are folded for a long time. So you may need a hat rack for tidying your hats like your clothing. In the summer, we often choose packable boonie hats for protecting us from the sun and its harmful UV rays, because they can be folded and put into our baggage or even pocket. After taking it off, we should make it tidy and neat in case the hat gets indentation.

A hat rack is the best way to make hats neat without deformation. If you have many different kinds of hats and you want them to be the original appearance, you can buy a hat rack. While buying a hat rack may not satisfy your needs or it has not enough space for your hats. Here I would like to suggest you to make a hat rack, as you can do it according to your own needs and styles of your room. Here are some good examples for you to make a hat rack.

  • Wooden Pallet Hat Rack

A wooden pallet hat rack can not only hang the hats but also for your coat, bag and scarf. It is strong enough to hold your winter coat, scarf and hats.

All you need to do is to install wooden pallets on the wall and fix some hooks on the surface of the wooden pallets. You can also paint each pallet in different colors to increase the attractiveness. You can place this wooden pallets hat rack at anywhere.

  • Wall Mount Hat Rack

The design of this hat rack is not complicated as you can see. All you need to do is to find a board in moderate thickness or your needed thickness. Then, install some hooks or hangers on the front part of the board.

Last, fix the board on to the wall and then put your hats on it. If you are afraid of forgetting to wear the hat, you can install it above the doorway.

  • Letters Pattern Hat Rack

As you can see, this hat rack is made of letters of H-O-M-E. It gives you comforts of home. If you want other symbolic letters, you can change it into your loved one.  

The materials you need are cable cutters, cord pliers and heavy metal cable.

First of all, choose the letters you want to use. Secondly, use tinted cord to cover these letters. Thirdly, find some hooks that you need. Then, cover the cable to the cord. Lastly, use an angling cord to make an extra decoration for your room.

  • Leaves Hat Rack

To make this hat rack, you need to prepare a timber, handlers, screws, paints and screwdrivers.

First thing is to repaint the timber with your favorite color and then leave it to dry. Secondly, drill a hole on the timber, and to place it on the handles. Additionally, fix it with the screws and bent the handles towards the screws.

Leopard Pattern

A leopard is a fierce animal. Leopards, tigers and lions, the kings of these animal kingdoms, have always been symbols of power and status. Every time I talk about leopards, I always remind him of Hemingway’s novel, The Snows Of Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro is a mountain with a long history of snow and an altitude of 19,710 feet, considered the highest mountain in Africa. Near West Peak, there is a dead leopard corpse that has been dried. No one has explained what the leopard is looking for in such a high place.

I think the reason why this item is appreciated by people is probably due to the leopard’s mind. The leopard is considered to be the totem of every independent woman, symbolizing a strong mother, an independent professional woman and a free girl.

leopard beret

In 2002, Teresa May, a member of the Conservative Party, wore a pair of leopard-print low-heeled shoes at the congressional meeting, causing an uproar in the country. The leopard item became popular again in 2018. The designers have applied it to all aspects and the style has more new ideas, which makes it more in line with modern aesthetics.

At the Paris Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2018, Giorgio Armani Prive combines black velvet with metallic elements. The metallic color on the chest shows that the skin of the model is very smooth and white, while the black velvet shows the female curve. Now, the metallic color is no longer peculiar to the world of fashion and many people are slowly accepting and enjoying the metallic color. On a daily basis, you can bring unexpected effects with a little metallic color. If you’re starting out with metallic colors, you can start with simple accessories or objects.

Silver is relatively calmer, gold is brighter and metallic colored colors are more characteristic and individual. The metallic color is particularly flattering whether on the party or in the usual time. Because it can not only be matched with clothes of different colors and styles, but also for sports shoes or high heels.

Metal elements are widely used in summer and winter. Whether it’s a metallic skirt or a down jacket, it’s beautiful. So as long as you want, this item can be used all year long. If you want to be a fashionista, choosing metallic clothes is the best decision. You do not even need to have too many metallic colors. Even a pair of shoes or metal bags can be very fashionable.

As long as you are daring enough, you are the most attractive person on the street. But you have to pay attention to the color of the clothes and the choice of accessories. You must choose a style accessory similar to your clothes. If you’re wearing punk-style clothing, you can choose a leather beret and, if you’re stylish, pair it with a pair of classic high heels.

Velvet Temptation

For the velvet fabric, I think everyone must be familiar. From the 16th century, velvet fabric has become a symbol of nobility, exalting the noble elegance of luxury and elegance. The aristocratic ladies in the classic film always wear a velvet cloth to symbolize their eminent status. With its silky texture and its unique luster, velvet fabrics are appreciated by all since the Victorian era. With the popularity of the retro trend in recent years, velvet fabric has become a popular element again.

Fashion is a circle and the velvet cloth that people liked it centuries ago has become a symbol of fashion. Velvet clothes can be seen in all major fashion shows. The velvet cloak is a good deal for your clothes, so you can have the beauty and warmth in winter. There are many colors of velvet clothes. For winter, velvet clothes are very practical. And velvet is a popular element of the year. If you wear a velvet dress, then you are a fashion person.

velvet beret

For color, wearing velvet clothes of different colors often shows a different temperament. Dark velvet items are more elegant whether they are worn every day or at work. Light-colored velvet clothes have a retro feel, especially for young girls. I think the velvet turtleneck is one of the most interesting clothes to buy this year. The matching coat with the same color is very nice, so the overall look is more elegant and the different materials make the shape superimposed. Many people choose this year’s velvet sweaters, which gives them a unique and comfortable outfit. In addition to the matching pants, the skirt is cool and gorgeous. After the weather warms up, the velvet shirt will certainly be one of the clothes that fashionistas love.

The velvet coat best shows your temperament, bringing you a vintage and elegant femininity. Put it on the street and you will certainly be the most dazzling and fascinating presence.

So if you are thinking of buying clothes or offering gifts to your friends, I suggest you choose something velvet. If you do not want to buy clothes, you can consider velvet accessories. Such as velvet bags, velvet berets and other items. These are all very popular things this year. And particularly suitable for the winter. So do not miss it. If you have better suggestions, please leave a message.

Metallic world

In today’s society, people are paying more and more attention to themselves and everyone wants to show their individuality. In my opinion, the most individual color or element is the very popular metallic color. The metallic color always gives a feeling of retro style. Fashion people love this color a lot, especially at the end of the year, the appearance of metallic colors is very high.

In fact, the metallic color has been loved by people since the 1980s. In the last two years, the retro style has become popular and the metallic color has once again become a part of fashion. The metallic color has been favored by the masses. Some people choose metal-colored accessories as accessories, while others opt for large-scale use of metallic colors. Everyone can find something that suits their metallic color. The metallic color is not only cool but also reflects the softness of women.