6 Interesting Blogs You Should Follow

website2The Information Highway

With all of the newsworthy events taking place and the checking of our Facebook and Twitter accounts, it come sometimes be hard to remember that there are other sites and on different platforms. Yes, the internet is a hot bed of information and social networking, but how often do you take the time to explore new and interesting websites or blogs. Let’s take a minute to discuss six blogs that are worth taking the time to explore.

Interesting and Intriguing


One of the best things about the internet is that it gives us the chance to experience what we never would have otherwise. Sidetracked is a blog that brings world travel to their audience. They take their readers on a fascinating journey around the globe and provide the best photography to go along with trip. This site recommends everything from what places are most interesting to visit, to the food that people should eat when they get there. The design of the site is also aesthetically pleasing and encourages your sense of imagination.


Listverse is far from your typical blog. Though it does follow in step with the first part of it’s name, ‘List’, it provides much more than your everyday, mundane content. Listverse readers are treated to top ten lists in every area of life and business. Rather you are interested in mysteries, technology or just nature itself, this website has it all. Its goal is to cater to every individual around the world. So it has something for everyone. This blog posts three new top ten discoveries every, single day.


Primer is a blog that caters exclusively to men. It does not limit itself with its topics. It grooms every man no matter where their interests or concerns may lie. Articles address things as basic as finding the proper fit in clothing, to where they can find a quality punching bad. They make the information easy to digest and fun to read. Men are able to walk away with a different perspective.

Expert Enough

Are you interested in becoming extremely knowledgeable about something you know nothing about? Well, Expert Enough can help you with this. This blog can teach you to be anything from a professional writer to someone who DJs at local parties. Its design is very simplistic and they aim to appeal to a wide audience.

Awkward Stock Photos

Though stock photos are extremely important to those who have blogs, it’s a very well known fact that some of these photos are somewhat ridiculous. Their unnatural poses and cheesy smiles makes even the most optimistic person feel uncomfortable. Well, Awkward Stock Photos has openly acknowledge this fact and has made it their goal to poke fun at the most bizarre of the stock photo collections.


Cracked.com specializes in college humor, info-graphics as well as videos from people all over the world. It has millions of subscribers and was founded in 2007. It offers several categories which include Video games, Movies and Technology.

All In Good Fun

Blogs can be education, entertaining and enlightening. So take a little extra time out of your day and discover what blogs have to offer. You never know how they may help to brighten your day.

This Joke is On Us!

Three nuns got into a cab and asked the driver to take them to a hotel. He was eager to oblige and felt that it would be a day full of blessings. He drove cautiously and even threw out his cigarette. He was also on his best behaviour. He even told them about his sick son and how he wished for his recovery. He was waiting for words of encouragement and promises for prayers but did not get any. When he turned to his audience, they were in normal clothes. Apparently they were from a costume party.

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7 High Traffic ‘Epic Fail’ Websites

epic fail2Epic fails can be embarrassing and though they happen as a mistake, others will consider them very humorous. While they are embarrassing and humiliating, there are websites that have accumulating traffic courtesy of other people’s epic fails be it videos or images from all walks-of-life. There are coverage’s ranging from animal, celebrities, parents, name, political, to sports epic failures. Whatever it is you are looking for, you will definitely find a website with regular traffic to grab your attention. The following are 7 high traffic “epic fail” websites.

Epic fail websites

  1. Epicfail.com

This is the ultimate website that seeks to deliver all epic fails from all the possible categories. It is all round and you can be sure it offers videos and pictures at the best quality. Talking of epic fails, this website is diverse and offers more than pictures and videos, you will also find epic fail stories. All animal fails, automobile, celebrity, design, games, names, political, stories, as well as technological epic fails are provided right here.

2. Funnie.st

This site is out to make epic fails humorous and embarrassing. One category that is gaining popularity is its epic fail selfies of all time be it from the common person or from a celebrity. You have no idea what people can ignore when thinking they are concentrating on themselves.

3. Parentfails.com

This site makes it easy for individuals to post epic fails and the rest of the online society as can access all epic fail photos in reference to parental guidance. It is amazing what parents can do with the thought that they are trying to make things right.

4. Failblog.cheezburger.com

Failblog is looking to provide entertainment by ensuring any epic fail content they can access is displayed back to epic fail lovers. It may not be categorized, but you can receive all content once it is updated.

5. Foxsanantonio.com

Here you will be able to find both images and videos of epic fails you desire. It may not categorize its content but you can be sure to easily peruse through the site and obtain what it is you are looking for.

6. Diyfail.com

Do it yourself fail pictures are very common but you can trust this site to deliver the best every time it is online. It concentrates on the images and does not highlight videos. The content is also displayed in order of how viewers rate them so you can view the very best first.

7. Wn.com

This concentrates more on cross road content and its epic fails are outstandingly something to view. You can view both images and videos. In addition, you can carry out a search to look for exactly what you want.

Is it embarrassing or Funny?

The above websites are common and have gained popularity and when searching search engines, they are likely to appear first in your search. All epic fails can be a disaster either when they are being pictured or after the images were already taken and distributed online until someone realized that they are a fail. Have fun and peruse these websites as they deliver images or videos you would never think they existed.

Funny Websites That Will Have You in Tears

Internet Speed Websites on BlackThe web is a great place for funny websites that will literally have you in tears. However, there is also a lot of content on the web that tries to be funny but is actually not funny at all. In this article we will take a look at the funniest websites on the web and will outline why they have become so popular when making people laugh.

The onion

This news and entertainments website recreates the daily news of the United States but recreates it in a weird and wonderful way. Everything is not quite how it should be on the site and this is especially entertaining in the video section, which shows footage of these strange and wonderful stories.

Damn you autocorrect

We have all experienced the annoyance that autocorrect can have on our lives when we are trying to send texts to other individuals. In the modern day and age the Auto correct function on mobile devices is a hotbed for humor when weird and sometimes rude auto corrections are placed into the carefully crafted text message. This website captures some of the funniest mistakes that have been created with auto correct and publishes them on the website for the world to see.


One of the webs biggest web stores is also a place for hours worth of humor. This can be found in the reviews section of the website and often revolves around some of the more weird of objects that the store sells. Products such as bacon plasters for cuts and bruises will attract a lot of attention and the reviews will often become weird and wonderful. Users can then search for similar products and these will also usually have a long selection of weird and hilarious reviews about them.

Awkward family photos

Everyone has experienced some form of awkward portrait photo with the family at some point and this website aims to collect and publish the best of these. Users can scan through the site for hours searching through the funniest family portraits known to humanity.

You are bound to find something completely weird if you search for long enough and this is what makes this site so addictive.

People of Walmart

This site offers funny pictures of shoppers at Walmart and focuses on capturing individuals who have completely lost the plot when it comes to a sense of fashion. There are endless pictures that will keep web surfers entertained and some are also rude so be warned.


If you find yourself on the web with not a lot to do then you may want to try these sites for a funny experience. There is a wide amount of content and this means that you can spend hours searching for funny material. It is also a great way to cheer yourself up if you are down and may be a good option for a friend or family member. These websites also allow you the ability to share images and content on different platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. This can be a great way in which to cheer up someone’s day and will also make you more popular.